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Why companies are outsourcing to Pakistan

Companies Are Outsourcing to Pakistan. Here’s Why.

Pakistan continues to be one of the top choices for businesses looking to offload their internal processes, and it doesn’t seem like that is going to be changing anytime soon. Companies such as Uber, Western Union, Bentley, VMWare, and more are all looking to increase their footprint in Pakistan. While lower costs tend to be a major factor, many other benefits come into play as well.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Confused between inbound and outbound marketing? With so many technical terms and jargon, understanding the difference can often become complicated. This article will cover the fundamental differences between inbound and outbound marketing – in simple words, and which one’s the “better” one. The article will also cover some good practices for inbound and outbound marketing.

Standard Operating Procedures Customer Service

Your Ultimate Guide to Customer Service SOPs

You know if you make a customer unhappy, they won’t tell five friends, they’ll tell 5,000 friends.

Jeff Bezos

In the world we live in today, keeping your customers satisfied is more important than it has ever been. Having effective standard operating procedures (SOPs) can mean the difference between an unsatisfied customer spreading the word to 5,000 people and a satisfied customer that does business with you for life.